In order to maintain the momentum of the #SayZero campaign, and just in time for ICASA 2023, Y+Global partnered with the Prevention Access Campaign, FrontlineAIDS, and Paediatric Adolescent Treatment for Africa (PATA) to create an animated video aimed at young people. It is highly recommended for young people and youth-led organisations to use this video for advocacy purposes and to create and distribute related tools to raise awareness about the advantages of antiretroviral therapy (ART), viral suppression and viral load testing. These messages can also help to reduce the stigma associated with HIV. It is important to adhere to ART at all times, and young people should inform their healthcare providers if they forget to take their medication. This is a significant step forward towards health equity, and we must continue to promote clear messaging around U=U that uses celebratory language to describe viral load results and transmission.